Art: If Wonder Woman ever had a score to settle against Batman, I would think that this settles it. [Super Punch]Hollywood: "Jonah Hex" actually exists - you can see for yourself with ten seconds of never-before-seen-footage. A full trailer is expected to launch on Syfy later this week. [Movieline]

Television: It looks like the final season of "Heroes" is on the way. I'm just surprised the final season hasn't happened already. [The Hollywood Reporter]

More Art: Jamie S. Rich, writer of Oni's "Spellcheckers," has an impressive Audrey Hepburn sketchbook featuring art from Chynna Clugston and more. [Robot6]

Video Games: The "Kick-Ass" iPhone video game is back with updates after Frozen Codebase released a poorly received beta version of the game last weekend. [MTV Multiplayer]

Hollywood: Chris Evans admits that he's "a little scared" about suiting up as Steve Rogers in "The First Avenger: Captain America," acknowledging that playing the role is "a big responsibility." [Screen Star]

Fashion: Everybody's mother should be so encouraging. [Threadless]