Webcomics: Don't be scared of T-Rex's sharp, sharp teeth or his mighty, mighty roar - or his deep understanding of Batman. [Dinosaur Comics]

Hollywood: With all the swearing and the killing and the dismemberments and the like, can it be argued that Chloe Moretz's role as Hit-Girl in "Kick-Ass" is a form of child abuse? You be the judge. [Fox News]

Toys: Green Arrow has killed Kilowog! Well, not really. He just beat him in this year's DC Universe Classics March Madness competition. [The Fwoosh]

Comics: John Arcudi summarizes why Dark Horse's "BPRD" is so good, saying: "[Mike Mignola's] goal, our goal, was for us to develop characters that would be complex and interesting enough to generate their own stories. And, if we were lucky, the stories would be interesting enough to attract readers." [Super Punch]

Cosplay: More inventive and hilarious costumes from WonderCon are on display, with my personal favorites being World War II era Captain America and hockey pad Batman. [Great White Snark]

Hollywood: Marvel Studios is taking a cue from Tony Stark, having pulled out all of the financial stops with advertising and product placement for the upcoming release of "Iron Man 2." [Variety]

Comics: Who could have guessed that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got so preachy on their readership? I thought they just chowed down on pizza and kicked bad guys in the face all day! [Topless Robot]