Art Shows:
Gallery 1988 is hosting The LOST Underground Art Show tonight from 7:00 - 10:00 PM PST, where the final poster in the Damon, Carlton and A Polar Bear series will be revealed. I have four of these posters. They are glorious. (Gallery 1988)

Comics: With the decade wrapping up, everybody and their grandmother - assuming she can still write and/or is still alive - are gathering up their "Best Of 2009" lists, and the Daily Cross Hatch's list easily takes the cake so far thanks to input from various professionals within the comic book community including Michel Fiffe, Jeff Lemire and Neil Kleid. (The Daily Cross Hatch)
[Ed. Note: At least until the ComicsAlliance list comes out tomorrow!]

Holiday Cheer: If you're already planning to stuff your Christmas stockings with rusty nails, lumps of coal and other assorted villainy, you might as well use the right stocking to get the job done. (Blog With A Mouth)

Movies: Speaking of lists, Techland rattled off their list of the ten worst superhero movies of the decade. I'm not going to poke too big a hole here, but come on, everybody knows that fandom loved "Spider-Man 3" and its many dance numbers. That's pretty well documented, guys. (Techland)

Television: Remember that time when you didn't need to buy that stupid "Caprica" DVD in order to watch the pilot episode? You don't? Well, that time is now, amigos! Behold! (Syfy)

Adorable: A picture is worth a thousand words, but I might have one that works:Cuuuute! (via MTV Movies Blog)