Don't have a date set up for Valentine's Day yet? Might want to hurry up - you'll be, ahem, Lost without one. [Adventuring Company]

Contests: Dark Horse Comics is asking for fans to submit a photo of themselves that somehow involves Dark Horse. As a reward, said fan could have their photo published in a Dark Horse advertisement. [Dark Horse]

Toys: The first official photo of Mezco's new "Kick-Ass" action figures are - come on, you can finish the rest of the sentence. [Splash Page]

Art: In other "Kick-Ass" news, I'd like to think that this is a much more age appropriate version of Hit Girl. [Super Punch]

Location: Doctor Doom lives in... Ohio? Perhaps he's having some domestic issues in Latveria and just needs a place to chill out, but... Ohio? [White Pages]

Art: Cap v.s. Saddam Hussein. The results are a little more like US Agent v.s. Saddam Hussein. [Eleven Fine Art]

Webcomics: Ever wonder how to assemble an awesome super team? Basic Instructions knows how [Basic Instructions]

Comics: Check out this delightfully massive preview of Kolbeinn Karlsson's "The Troll King," an upcoming graphic novel from Top Shelf. [Robot 6]