Geek Bait:
On a recent episode of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart and George Lucas debated the quality of the new "Star Wars" trilogy, where Lucas continues to defend Jar Jar Binks. Lame. [Collider]


Since Yoshi's flesh-and-blood exists only within the realm of the Mushroom Kingdom, we'll gladly take a life-sized Lego version if that's all we can get. [Kotaku]

Celebrities: Ask Men readers have chosen their "99 Most Desirable Women" of 2009. Comic fans will likely be pleased to see some familiar names on the list, which includes Tina Fey, Elizabeth Banks, Scarlett Johansson, Yunjim Kim, January Jones and Anna Paquin. [AskMen]

Not only have one-day Saturday tickets for San Diego Comic-Con already sold out, but it's looking like Friday tickets will sell out soon. [The Beat]

Customs: Two years of editing ToyFare's regular Customizing 101 column has inspired blogger TJ Dietsch to chronicle his first attempt at customization, starting with a JLU Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. [United Monkey]


Andy Serkis isn't exactly booking a flight to Gotham City, but he would nonetheless love a chance at playing The Riddler. [Asylum UK]

Columns: After nearly a decade, Steven Grant has decided to end his long-running Permanent Damage column at Comic Book Resources. [CBR]

Webcomics: Jeffrey Rowland finally learns what his dead alcoholic cat Joanna does while no one is looking. The results are horrifying. [Overcompensating]