Creators: "Walking Dead" writer Robert Kirkman's beard can beat up your beard. [Robert Kirkman]

Comics: In a two-part interview, Geoff Johns describes the Black Lanterns of "Blackest Night" as representing not death, but "the absence of life." [Newsarama]

Musicals: Darth Vader better hope he can carry a tune as well as he can wield the force in this musical mash-up of "Star Wars" and "Jesus Christ Superstar." [Topless Robot]

Fashion: What happens to Gizmo if you feed him after midnight? The answer, of course, is that he turns into a... skirt? [io9]

Publishing: National Geographic is making its entire collection of issues available all within a 160GB hard drive. [Engadget]

Toys: DC Direct and Marvel Legends are among the greatest action figure lines of the new millennium thus far, according to one list. [Panels on Pages]

Television: What would happen if Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce went from being an advertising agency to running the USS Enterprise? It might look a little something like this. [The Beat]