Awesome: This concept art for a Marvel theme park in Dubai is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. Please, somebody, make this real. (The Beat)

: Shakespeare and Star Trek collide in the Klingon version of "Hamlet." (Gamma Squad)

Movies: Quentin Tarantino's comic book fandom has been showing recently, as he admitted that "Inglourious Basterds" was influenced by Sgt. Fury comics (which makes these imaginary "Inglourious Basterds" comics even better) and also revealed that while he turned down the "Green Lantern" movie, he'd be open to writing an original superhero screenplay. (Splash Page)

Art: Check out "L'Hospice," an art installation that imagines the world of superhero nursing homes. (io9)

TV: "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" is on its way to becoming a six-episode TV miniseries. (igeektrooper)

Clothes: This is the only Team Edward that I, Personally, want to join. (Newsarama)Science: A new study reveals the close relationship between the psychology of "do-gooders and heroes" and that of psychopaths. Superheroes, are your ears burnings?

[Do-gooders] lack the impulse control to stop themselves from doing "the right thing" when it comes to the welfare of others, yet ironically, it almost always results in some form of negative consequence for themselves. They have no problem breaking the rules when it means helping an innocent, yet they highly value the importance of obeying rules in other contexts. That's crazy, you say? Now you're getting the idea.

(Boing Boing)

Interviews: Ryan North of "Dinosaur Comics" talks to "The National Post" about paying bills with his webcomic skills:

"When I started full-time after I graduated, I basically determined that if I sold three shirts a day I could sustain my fabulous student lifestyle, with Kraft Dinner for lunch," North says. "I remember trying to imagine three separate individuals who were topless, but then bought a shirt because of me -- and it has to happen every day. It's kind of nuts."