The weather outside is frightful, but the fire isn't the only thing that's delightful - so too are these hilariously great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles snuggies. [Hot Topic via @rickmarshall]

Writers Denny O'Neil and Matt Fraction combine their collective wisdom in an extensive conversation about the direct market, deadlines, Iron Man's alcoholism and much more. [TCJ]

Film: Edgar Wright, the director of the forthcoming "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" movie adaptation, takes to the airwaves to discuss how certain music selections are made for certain movie moments. [BBC]

Contests: Dark Horse is having a massive Twitter contest starting tomorrow. Prize is a hefty Hellboy hardcover. C'mon, join the fray Tweeps. [Dark Horse]

Mobile: Devil's Due Publishing is bringing several titles to the iPhone, including "Loaded Bible," "Grrl Scouts" and "Dracula vs. King Arthur." [Blog@]

Toys: The latest "Doctor Who Classic" action figures includes several old school villains from the television show's earliest days. [Toy News International via Topless Robot]

Comics: Ben McCool, writer of Image's upcoming "Choker" and all-around stand-up gentleman, is one of many creators getting in on the action for March's "Superman 80-Page Giant," on sale the same day as "Choker" #2. [The Real Ben McCool]