Art Show: Gallery 1988's recent "Lost" art gallery had some pretty excellent tributes on hand, including amazing cartoonish sculptures of John Locke and Hurley. [Super Punch]

Comics: Stephanie Buscema, granddaughter of the legendary John Buscema and one of the artists on Marvel's upcoming "Girls Comics" anthologies, is highlighted for her "fun, distinct art style." [Robot 6]

Toys: Not satisfied with the latest action figure offerings? Maybe you can do better by designing your own toys at MAQET, a design-it-yourself toy manufacturer that just went into beta. [Toy News International]

Toys: Speaking of doing-it-yourself, check out these instructions on how to design your very own Spock Monkey puppet. [Sci Fi Wire]

Television: Springfield Punx continues to transform various pop culture icons into Springfield residents, this time focusing onInspector Gadget and his sidekick Penny. [Springfield Punx]

Vertigo is re-releasing Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" in trade paperback form with newly designed covers from Dave McKean. [Graphic Content]

Television: An extensive bible for Bruce Timm's legendary "Batman: The Animated Series" is now online, revealing certain characters and stories that never made it to the show. [Gamma Squad]