Geography: Within Japan's Tokushima prefecture is a city embracing its name's "Naruto" tie-in in a very real way. [Topless Robot]

Awards: The nominees for the 2010 Ignatz Awards have been announced, and will be handed out at Small Press Expo next month. [Comics Reporter]

Cartoons: Joe Sacco illustrates his life as a dog owner. [NY Times]

Toys: New images from Mattel's upcoming Justice League include updated versions of Red Tornado and more. [Toynewsi]

New "Darkchylde" test footage shows a girl screaming in the woods as she sprouts CG wings. [Superhero Hype]

Fast Food: Asterix sells out to the man for a Quarter Pounder. Actually, since it's in France, I guess he sold out for a Royale with cheese. [Robot 6]

Freelancing: If you want to get a comic printed, you may want to seriously consider the implications of posting said content online first. Or not. It's 2010, right? [ATF]

Gaming: Could THQ's upcoming Wii uDraw tablet have comic book art/gaming implications? So far it looks like a giant DS platform rather than a straight Mario paint for the 21st Century, but there's clear potential for Wacom-like illustration. [MTV Multiplayer]

Webcomics: Jesse Fink's "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" experience tainted by Garfield. [Finkenstein]

Crafts: Well, that's one way to keep Princess Peach from getting kidnapped. [Spritestich]

Legal: The CBLDF has engaged Robert Corn-Revere as its new legal counsel. [ICv2]

Art: Ryan Kelly's "Women of the X-Men" is currently for auction on eBay. [eBay]