Hollywood: The new domestic poster for "Iron Man 2" certainly has the "Star Wars" vibe going on, but where's Mickey Rourke? [Heat Vision]

Creators: Tim O'Shea speaks with the creators of "Cyanide & Happiness" about their process in creating the hilarious and foul-mouthed web strip. [Robot 6]

Comics: Which villain in the DC Universe has the baddest Abraham Lincoln beard? Conor Kilpatrick has his opinions - go see if you agree! [iFanboy]

Humor: If you ever wanted to figure out where Scarecrow, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and the rest of Batman's various villains fall on the moral alignment pyramid, well, look no further. [Bankshot Comics]

Toys: Action figures from the upcoming "Jonah Hex" movie are currently available for pre-order. I might be wrong, but I think this is the first real glimpse at John Malkovich's character of Turnbull seen thus far - if I'm not right on that, please let me know in the comments. [Big Bad Toy Store]

Technology: Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik wonders whether or not technology has stifled our ability to enjoy the little things in life - like the feel of a printed comic book in your hands. [Blog@Newsarama]

Art: Courtesy of Evan Shaner and Francisco Francavilla, the Thing tells Oscar Wilde what time it is. [Hey Oscar Wilde via Super Punch]