For those of you with the new year resolution to become a superhero, you might want to check out some of these books for research and ideas. [io9]


Heidi MacDonald offers an extensive rundown of the various creators and icons that passed away in 2009.
[The Beat]

Calendars: It's out with the old for Tom Spurgeon, who says goodbye to his 2009 "Walking Dead" calendar today. [The Comics Reporter]

Art: Super Punch points out the discovery of a massive amount of concept art from "Genesis Climber MOSPEADA." [Imai Files]

Rumors: Rich Johnston marks the passing of 2009 by hosting the Tenth Annual Rumor Awards, highlighting what he considers to be the scoop of the year, among others. [Bleeding Cool]

Comics: "Asterios Polyp" tops the list of Comic Book Resources' best comics of 2009 list. [CBR]