Art: Now, I didn't love the Jacob/MiB-centric episode of "Lost," but I certainly don't remember any Lucky Charms spewing out of that cave of golden light! [Andy Updates]Television: Peter Cullen, original voice of Optimus Prime and his voice in the live-action adaptations, will return to the small screen for "Transformers: Prime" on The Hub Network. [Comic Book Movie]

Musical: Reeve Carney says the "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" musical is still on. In fact, the stage-bound Peter Parker is in the process of costume fittings! [Splash Page]

Hollywood: "The First Avenger: Captain America" loses some patriotism points as the production is set to film almost exclusively in London. [LA Times]

Legal: A side-by-side comparison between screen shots from "Heroes" season four and Jazan Wild's "Carnival of Souls" is rather provocative given Wild's claims that the NBC series lifted elements directly out of his comic book. [Robot 6]

Customs: Machine Man from Nextwave gets the custom treatment, complete with a Zombie Lockjaw base. [The Fwoosh]

Hollywood: Is this the first look of Daniel Craig in "Cowboys & Aliens," or is it just a shadowy stunt double? Either way, it's our first official look at the comic book adaptation. [Jon Favreau]