Webcomics: If CLiNT Magazine is any indication, this is probably an accurate representation of Mark Millar's future business plans. [Let's Be Friends Again]

Twitter: The most epic story starring Nova and Vision you're ever going to read... on Twitter. Or, really, anywhere else. [Nathan Cosby]

Hollywood: And here's Jason Mamoa as Conan in director Marcus Nispel's currently shooting film from Millennium Pictures. I'm not totally sold, but he could look worse. [Latino Review]

Food: I've long had an urge to catch Pikachu and eat him for breakfast, but this is the first time I've ever imagined eating him with maple syrup. [Kotaku]

Hollywood: "Iron Man 2" was nearly converted to 3-D but was ultimately spared the process, according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige -- but that's not to say that "The First Avenger: Captain America" and "The Avengers" won't fly at audiences in 3-D when the two films hit theaters in the coming years. [Hero Complex]

Creators: Several of the top talents in the comic book industry offer their thoughts, memories and tributes to Frank Frazetta, the acclaimed artist who died yesterday. [Newsarama]

Comics: There are few things I love more than "Lost" and few things I can't stand more than "CSI: Miami." But Horatio Caine's terrible puns as related by everyone's favorite time-displacing Scotsman? Priceless. [Warming Glow via Adam Tracey]