Helpful Reminders: Pizza's better than illegal narcotics according to the TMNT. Would those guys lie to you? [StonerSchematics]

Movies: GQ writes about upcoming X-Men: First Class star Jennifer Lawrence and characterizes her as talent over T&A in Young Hollywood. Finally, somebody can elevate playing a naked blue shapeshifter! [CQ]

Comic Strips: Stone Soup creator Jan Eliot snarked on states that underfund schools, but not everybody got the joke. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Video: Empire Online's Done in 60 Seconds competition yields a stellar Shaun of the Dead homage done Scott Pilgrim style. [EdgarWritghtThere]

Art: Fans imagine what the movie poster for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises might look like next summer with lots and lots of Bane thrown into the mix. [Bit Rebels]

Threads: Bert and Ernie do their best Ken and Ryu on a new Ript tee. [Topless Robot]

Cuteness: If I ever have a daughter, I'd like to think stuff like this will happen all the time at my house. Having kids is all fun and zero work or stress, right? [TheMarySue]

Gaming: Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross is coming to the Wii and it looks like all kinds of Morphin' fun -- even if it may never come to the US... officially. [Japanator]

Podcasts: CA's Andy Khouri stops by to give Meltcast a righteous sendoff. [Meltcast]