Art: So... uh... do you think it's a boy? [The Daily What]

Rumors: I'm not sure I fully believe this, but apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt is "obsessed" with playing Wonder Woman. [MSN]

Cartoons: Feast your eyes upon Snake Eyes' new appearance in the upcoming "G.I. Joe" cartoon series. [Topless Robot]

Fashion: This Snorlax dress is one of the finer, geekier fashion items you'll see all day. [Kotaku]

Hollywood: The "Green Lantern" writers have been hired to work on a sequel, as well as an adaptation of "The Flash." [Heat Vision]

Comics: Robert Rodriguez discusses the "Predators" comic book series published by Dark Horse, saying that there's roughly 100 pages of story that's not included in the upcoming feature film. [Splash Page]

Tragedy: Leave it to a "Super Mario Bros." to explain the BP oil spill. [Warmoth]

Weapons: Not only is the lightsaber real, it's affordable - only $200. Is this good news or bad news? [Gizmodo]