Romance: Nothing says I love you like a shoulder-mounted laser blast to the abdomen. [CGHUB]

Fan Reactions: Responding to rumors that Kieron Gillen and Steven Sanders' "S.W.O.R.D." run may end after issue #5, one fan has started a write-in campaign to Marvel to save the series [Nerderyblog]

Regrets: Carrie Fisher reveals the darkest hour in her career - the "Star Wars" holiday special. [The New York Times]

Webcomics: It's best to approach the Internet as a patient with PTSD - you don't want to shake it too violently. [Mocktopus]

Mash-Ups: When 10 foot tall blue aliens and Snow White are sharing the same page, you know you're in for a good time. [Super Punch]

Hollywood: Daniel Craig might trade in his golden gun for a six-shooter in "Cowboys & Aliens," potentially filling the role vacated by Robert Downey Jr. [Collider]

Also, Lionsgate could be buying the Terminator franchise [Gamma Squad]