Art: Marc Bernardin reintroduces Dean Trippe's lovely Supergirl illustration from 2006 back into the conversation. Here's hoping for a similarly beautiful spring day at some point soon. [io9]
Hollywood: Alas, how cool those Hulk Dogs could have been in Ang Lee's "Hulk." [Kevin Nowlan via The Beat]

Customs: I concur with Fant0mas... why do we not have "Hard Boiled" action figures yet? [Figure Realm via Toy Cutter]

Art: An action hero version of Silent Bob as composed by a group of artists called The Silent Giants? I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. [The Silent Giants via Super Punch]

Art: Dan Hipp gets his Hellboy on, and we are all better for it. [Mister Hipp via Jim Gibbons]

Celebrities: Not an April Fool's Day prank - Robin Williams is a huge fan of Brian Wood's "DMZ" and wants his daughter to secure the screen rights. Pretty out of left field. [USA Today]

Comics: Will Dennis highlights RM Guera's first page of an upcoming "Scalped" one-shot that takes place during the Vietnam War. [Graphic Content]

Creators: Kody Chamberlin is asking for your assistance in getting the funds necessary to properly market his upcoming Image Comics series "Sweets," which takes place in pre-Katrina New Orleans. Sounds and looks like an awesome miniseries. [Kickstarter via Ben Templesmith]