Webcomics: The "Overcompensating" gang is at C2E2. Quality has... well, changed as a result. [Overcompensating]
Blogs: Stop me if you've heard this one - a 47-year-old woman walked into a comic book store, picked up some comics, and has been a hardcore fan ever since. Yeah, I hadn't heard that one either, until now! [My Comic Book Crisis]

Viral: A new "Iron Man 2" viral video shows a Stark Industries presentation. Just in case you forgot that this movie is coming out next month. [Slash Film]

Reviews: Roger Ebert hates "Kick-Ass" and feels that it's a menace to society. His stance seems a bit harsh to me, but you can judge for yourself - just be careful, Ebert's review is rather spoiler happy. [Roger Ebert]

Trouble: Apparently, studio executives are not happy with how "Green Hornet" has turned out. How is that even remotely surprising? [IESB]

Hollywood: So, not only is Joss Whedon allegedly directing and re-writing "The Avengers," he's actually putting his stamp on "The First Avenger: Captain America," too. Honestly, I kind of love this, though I hope Jon Favreau doesn't feel overshadowed. [Pajiba]

Customs: Lobo and Wolverine dig into your heart with these adorable customized Mighty Muggs. [Toy Cutter]