Marketing: Joe Quesada's previous Kirby Krackle performance at Emerald City Comic-Con yielded guitar picks with the ominous word "O.M.I.T." on them. At C2E2, the pick-centric marketing took a gamma irradiated turn of events. [Robot 6]

Hollywood: "Kick-Ass" stars Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz talk about working with Matthew Vaughn, meeting Mark Millar and what they'd like to see in an eventual sequel. [Comic Book Resources]

Pitching: Aspiring comic book writer Geoffrey D. Wessel chronicles what it's like trying to drum up interest from publishers like Marvel, Dark Horse and Archaia at C2E2. [Bleeding Cool]

Journalism: Noah Berlatsky reflects on comics journalism in light of his participation on a comic book media panel during C2E2. He also calls our very own Caleb Goellner "a very funny and sweet young guy," which I couldn't agree with less. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

[Assistant Editor's Note: YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT WIGLER!!!!]

Hollywood: Mike Mignola spoke with Rick Marshall to discuss the possibility of future "Hellboy" installments as well as the almost inclusion of Lobster Johnson in a "Hellboy" movie. [Splash Page]

Animation: Kevin Conroy, arguably the most recognizable voice of Batman thanks to "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Batman: Arkham Asylum," wasn't wild about Christian Bale's voice in "The Dark Knight." [Screen Rant]

Fashion: Artists Art Baltazar, Cliff Chiang, Tony Moore and Jill Thompson are teaming together with Threadless to release a series of four shirts following a story created by Thompson. Awesome. [Blog@Newsarama]