Toys: It's Adam West's Batman as a Munny. Every child on earth should have one. [Likhang Pinoy Customs via Toy Cutter]

Hilarious: Yesterday's debut of the "Scott Pilgrims vs. the World" has prompted many brilliant fan reactions, but none more brilliant than this. [The Complex Artist via Chrissypedia]

Hollywood: Frank Miller is out and Paul W.S. Anderson is in as the director of the upcoming "Buck Rogers" 3-D film. Haters, commence the hating. [Deadline Hollywood]

Comics: Rich Johnston assesses the carnage laid forth by "Nemesis" in a by-the-numbers analysis. Apparently, there are eleven moments of "balls-to-the-walls bombast." [Bleeding Cool]

Art: Neill Cameron is putting his poster collection of "A-Z of Awesomeness" art back on sale. [Neill Cameron]

Conventions: Need some advice on how best to spend your time at this year's WonderCon? From parties to panels, this should get you covered. [iFanboy]

Art: Victor Santos, a favorite artist of mine, tackles a whole bunch of my favorite comic book characters. I would watch a cartoon show in this style in a second. [Kirby Museum]

Product: Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before somebody thought to make "Iron Man" branded cologne. I'm going to take the high road and avoid the obvious alcoholism joke. [All The Rage]