Art: Sinestro is a lot of things - untrustworthy, manipulative, ruthless... and totally sick on the basketball court. [Super Punch]

Did you know that the late "Catcher in the Rye" writer J.D. Salinger was part of the Green Lantern Corps? [Cracked]

Dance: Art Spiegelman loans his animation skills to Dartmouth College in a dance homage to animator Oskar Fischinger this week [The Beat]

Webcomics: "Goats" creator Jon Rosenberg launches "Scenes From A Multiverse," his new daily Webcomic about what it's like to live in a multiverse. [SFAM]

Cosplay: This General Grievous cosplay is just about the freakiest thing I've seen this side of Mojo. [Great White Snark]

Video: You wouldn't like "The Hulk Hands Theory" when it's angry. Well, yeah, you probably would. [Cartoon Brew via The Beat]

Hollywood: Joss Whedon's status as the director of "The Avengers" isn't entirely official yet, but based on Edgar Wright's comments, it sounds like a pretty done deal to me. [Splash Page]

Retail: Rich Johnston speaks with James Parker about the decision to turn Hastings into a national chain of comic book stores with almost 130 shops stocking on new comics and back issues. [Bleeding Cool]

Webcomics: Bruce Wayne has gone off the deep end in "Domestic-Abuse Bruce," a new Webcomic series starring action figures! [The Fwoosh]