Comics: "Turok, Son of Stone" is set to return thanks to Jim Shooter and Dark Horse Comics, so prepare yourself to face some crazy lizard creatures! Really, you should always be prepared to face crazy lizard creatures. [Comic Book Resources]

Toys: An in depth review of Matty Collector's Peter Venkman "Ghostsbusters" action figure makes me wonder why I don't own this toy already. [The Fwoosh]

Shoes: In your quest for unobtanium, you'll soon be able to kick it Na'vi style - at least on your feet - with Nike's upcoming blue "Avatar" sneakers. [Seenallover]

Trailers: Here's your first look at "The Phantom," the upcoming four episode miniseries from Syfy about the purple tights-wearing pulp hero. But seriously, Syfy, where's Billy Zane? [Sci Fi Wire]

Hollywood: A "Dazzler" movie? Really? Devin Faraci seems to think that Marvel is gearing up to produce low budget movies of lower tier characters like Luke Cage, Ka-Zar, Doctor Strange and, yes, even Dazzler. [CHUD]

Television: Are you a comic book fan living in New York City? If so, you might have a shot at televised glory with a bit part on "Bored To Death," the HBO comedy starring Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis. [iFanboy]

Rumors: Is Kristen Stewart replacing Angelina Jolie in the upcoming "Wanted" sequel? That's the latest casting rumor making the rounds courtesy of E! Online. Make sure to have some salt handy. [E! Online]