Computers: With this Matrix of Leadership decal, the words "Open, damn you, open," will take on a whole new meaning. [Youseph Tanha]

Trailers: Does that "Sucker Punch" trailer look somewhat familiar to you? It might if you're familiar with Andy Diggle and Leinil Yu's "Silent Dragon." [Bleeding Cool]

Characters: Luke Cage isn't the only comic book character with precarious headwear choices. [iFanboy]

Art: By Crom, Michael Avon Oeming's "Conan" art is pretty badass. [Bendis Board]

Conventions: With Comic-Con 2010's corpse barely cold, four-day passes have already sold out for the San Diego show's 2011 incarnation. [NBC San Diego]

Movies: Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy's Vertigo series "Joe the Barbarian" is in development at Thunder Road Pictures. [Robot6]

Hollywood: When "X-Men: First Class" rolls around, expect a healthy dose of evolution as "Twilight" star Edi Gathegi has been cast in the role of young mutant Darwin. [Deadline]

Characters: Commissioner Gordon has encountered Gotham City's newest, craziest villain yet - Lady Gaga. [The Onion]

Hollywood: Although he wasn't cast as Peter Parker in the end, Josh Hutcherson nonetheless did a bang-up job during his "Spider-Man" audition. [Latino Review]