Jack Kirby Week is almost at an end, so make sure to catch up on all of the coverage while it's still fresh. [Graphic NYC]

Comics: Illustrator Greg Scott heads to Afghanistan next month as a CNN correspondent embedded in a US Marines force with the intention of creating a new graphic novel, "The Stan." [Bleeding Cool]

Webcomics: "High Moon" author David Gallaher offers aspiring comic book creators some helpful advice in the world of Webcomics. [Zuda Message Boards]

Names: Kevin Mahadeo runs down the ten most clever superhero and secret identity names in comic books. Scott Free tops the list. [Topless Robot]

Editors: Sean T. Collins sits down with longtime Marvel editor Tom Brevoort about blogging, Twitter, and much more. [Robot 6]

Endorsements: Matt Fraction declares "Phonogram" as his favorite comic book. "Without it I don't know what I'm going to do with myself," he says. [Matt Fraction]

Eyes: I'm not sure what's creepier - the fact that Plastic Man never shows off his eyeballs, or the fact that somebody took the time to write a lengthy essay about it. Pretty sure it's both. [Pop Matters]