Posters: Brilliant movie poster redesigns by Riccardo Bucchioni do "whatever a spider can." [Riccardo Bucchioni via Super Punch]

Trailers: Now we know why John Wilkes-Booth had it out for Abraham Lincoln - he was a vampire, and Lincoln was a vampire hunter. [Robot 6]

Crime: A career criminal dressed as a clown called "Happy" might look like Eric Draven, but he's got Joker to thank for his motivations. [The Salt Lake Tribune]

Redundancy: Not that I'm opposed to toys of both Boomer and Athena being sold, but until Diamond manufactures a New Caprica rebel Tigh action figure, I think this is a little bit overkill. [TNI]

Toys: This video review of Marvel's 3.75 inch War Machine gives you all the information you need to know when making your next action figure purchase. [Marvelous News]

Hollywood: Does the arrival of "Kick-Ass" mean the exit of superhero movies from theaters? [io9]