Hipster Heroes: Peter Parker loses his job one week, moves to Williamsburg with Converse and cigarettes at the ready the next. [LATFH]

Distribution: The buy button has officially returned for Diamond-distributed graphic novels on Amazon after last week's accidental price reductions. [Robot 6]

Plush: The King of Pop lives on in the form of these adorable and cuddly plush dolls created by Cupco. [Link via Super Punch]

Filming: The first photographs from the New Orleans set of "Green Lantern" show Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan with a teeny tiny glimpse at the power ring. [Comic Book Movie]

Toys: An Aquaman action figure swimming in the water seems like a no-brainer, but there's no denying the majesty of this photograph. [The Fwoosh]

Casting: Channing Tatum is the latest to get mentioned for Steve Rogers in "The First Avenger: Captain America." Keira Knightley, Emily Blunt and Alice Eve are in the running for Peggy, the female lead. [Deadline New York]

Gossip: Is Mickey Rourke a nightmare to work with? That's the case according to certain unidentified sources that said he was difficult on the "Iron Man 2" set. [E! Online]