Connections: "Northlanders" #28 by Brian Wood and Leandro Fernandez has an eerie connection to the final scenes of "Lost." If you haven't seen the episode, avoid the link! [Robot 6]Toys: Japanese "Transformers" fans are in for a treat in the form of an exclusive Unicron action figure. Collectors residing everywhere else in the world, commence the weeping. [Topless Robot]

Hollywood: New images of Jason Mamoa in the title role of "Conan" are slowly convincing me that this movie might not be awful after all. [The Cimmerian]

Censorship: Apple seems to be banning comics featuring completely non-obscene depictions of homosexual relationships. What's the deal? [Robot 6]

Art: Not only does J. Scott Campbell cover "Lost" and fairtyale starlets, he's also got a new Black Cat [Comic Book Resources]

Webomics: A new science fiction webcomic portal launched yesterday called "Spacedock 7," an initiative that promises to bring "seven unique science fiction stories from seven renowned comic creators" every week. [Spacedock 7 via Chris Arrant]

Television: Marc Bernardin points out the sad fact that while Peter Parker of the 1970s live-action "Spider-Man" series is an able-bodied individual, his superhero counterpoint could use some tips in the speed department. [io9]

Manga: Did DC hate CMX? From the looks of its already-deleted Web page, perhaps. [The Beat]

Cartoons: Voice actor John DiMaggio talks about playing Joker in "Batman: Under the Red Hood," saying he looked towards Cesar Romero as a source of inspiration. [Splash Page]

Parenting: T-Rex gives parenting advice. Take that for what it's worth. For me, it's worth a lot. [Dinosaur Comics]