"The Thunderchickens," the Zuda entry from Chad Boudreau and William Blankenship that withdrew from last month's competition, plans to resurface in 2010. [Robot 6]

Creators: In explaining the creation of an anti-Greg Land and Mark Millar comic strip, Curt Franklin and Chris Haley manage to blow my mind by pointing out that there's an arrow in the FedEx logo. I... did not know this. [Let's Be Friends Again]

News: Heidi MacDonald's The Beat has officially moved to its new location. Mazel tov, Heidi! [The Beat]

Education: Dallas Middaugh launches his New York University course on how to publish graphic novels this weekend, accompanied by an online counterpart filled with advice. [Bleeding Cool]

Hollywood: "Green Lantern" director Martin Campbell talks about the types of constructs we'll see Hal Jordan make in the movie. No decisions have been made yet, folks, so keep writing those petitions for pies-in-the-face. [Splash Page]

Television: Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on "Lost," has launched a new podcast called Geronimo Jack's Beard to discuss the confusing nature of the show's final season. [Geek Week]

Art: The only way to make "Arrested Development" better is to reframe it as a "Star Wars" movie. Perhaps that can be rectified in the upcoming movie. [Gamma Squad]