Movies: Rhys Ifans has been tapped to play an unspecified villain in the upcoming 3D "Spider-Man" relaunch starring Andrew Garfield. He seems like a good Green Goblin fit, but it'd be nice to see a new character. [Spinoff]

Industry: Marvel Associate Editor Nate Cosby has announced his departure from the position this week, but has some irons in the fire he's sure to announce before long. [The Beat]

Adaptations: Marvel's "Tron: Original Movie Adaptation" comic book adaptation is out November 3, but it doesn't tease any of its sequel's details. It does, however, have better lighting than the original film. [Underwire]

TV: TV Guide has a first look at "Smallville's" Lois, Erica Durance as Isis. [TV Guide]

Creators: During NYCC, Kierron Gillen teased his plans for the unpublished "SWORD" #6. I wonder what series artist Steven Sanders has to say about this? [iFanboy]

Cosplay: NYCC also showed fans the spirit of the Victorian Age with an enterprising fan's Steampunk Iron Man cosplay costume. [The Daily What]

Art: Chris Samnee's depiction of a Spider-Man-gone-bad fills Jon Stewart's "Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race" with radness. [Robot6]

Reviews: I've never read anything by Derek Hunter, but TCR's review of "Derek Hunter is a F*ck" makes me want to - and soon. [The Comics Reporter]

Less-than-radvertising: Target wants you to buy official costumes rather than risk the home version. Personally, I think the commercial's fictional mom did a pretty dope job. That kid would fit right in at a con. [Super Punch]