Television: Haven't had a chance to catch The Walking Dead on AMC? This Sunday's mini-marathon will play the series' first three episodes back-to-back for your convenience starting at 8 p.m. EST. [AMC]

Movies: Stan Lee is a little bummed he couldn't play Odin in the upcoming Thor film, but is still stoked about his brief cameo as a mortal. [MTV Splash Page]

Legal: It's not every day someone gets dismissed from jury duty due to their childhood friends, but for Ohio cartoonist John Backderf, it was as simple as namedropping notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Backderf is currently working on a graphic novel about the subject entitled, My Friend Dahmer. [Lompoc Record]

Gaming: The Green Hornet hits iPads in The Green Hornet Wheels of Justice, which lets players cruise around in the Black Beauty top-view style. There appear to be no Grand Theft Auto hijinks in the game, but I guess that's how heroes pretending to be villains roll. [Superhero Hype]

Toys: Another day, another awesome One Piece miniature. This time a few of the male Strawhat Pirates band together while Luffy chomps some meat. Has he offended Chopa? [Tomopop]

Art: Chris Bringhurst Mega Man-izes hundreds of his favorite videogame characters - including a few comic book icons along the way. [The Daily What]

More Art: Former Marvel editor Nate Cosby tells his friends what he'd like to see (Ben Grimm fighting anything while holding an ice cream cone) and gets his wish several dozen times over with hilarious results. My personal favorite is Doc Shaner's contribution. [Nate Cosboom]

Tag Lines: Nintendo is trying to trademark the (arguably tiresome) catchphrase "It's on like Donkey Kong." Good thing the Scott Pilgrim movie dropped it after its first batch of trailers this past summer. [Joystiq]

Webcomics: Harpers joins a growing list of high profile publications to understand that Kate "Can't Be" Beaton (1000 apologies for that pun). [Harpers]

Animation: Futurama's holiday special is coming November 21, which is in the future, just like the show! [Topless Robot]