Art: This diagram proves the long held theory that there is nothing easy about being Ben Templesmith. [Warren Ellis]

Lists: Moviefone takes aim at ten superhero franchises they hope never see a movie screen including "Kickers, Inc." [Moviefone]

Video Games: DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns says that John Ostrander could have a role in the forthcoming "Suicide Squad" video game. [Robot 6]

Comics: Who shall rise in November? Probably Thunderstrike, that's who. [Robot 6]

Hollywood: Is Hollywood killing the superhero movie? That's the argument put forth by "Kick-Ass" director Matthew Vaughn, who is ironically in the midst of production on "X-Men: First Class" for 20th Century Fox. [The Los Angeles Times]

Adorable: Maris Wicks gives Aquaman a much needed porpoise. [Super Punch]

Art: Han Solo would rather freeze in carbonite than tell Leia he loves her in this piece of Roy Lichtensetein-inspired "Star Wars" art. [Super Punch]

Models: Create your very own Papercraft version of Sex Bob-omb! [Super Punch]

Toys: The members of Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood are unhappy with McDonalds' Marvel-themed Happy Meals. [Bleeding Cool]