Vampires: People are completely losing their minds over the new Twilight movie, and that include heroin dealers who have created special Twilight-themed bags for their H, and creepy middle-aged dudes who now think it's ok to bite teenage girls at movie theaters. If you know someone who is already chasing the undead dragon, feel free to stage a vampire intervention. (io9)

Religion: Now that he's finished irritating numerous Christians with a graphic novel version of the Book of Genesis that gave some of the Bible's more unsavory elements visual form, Robert Crumb has decided his next project will be a graphic novel version of the Koran. Hahahaha! I think he's joking. Careful, it's all fun and games until someone issues a fatwa. (The First Post)

The Onion's AV Club releases its list of the best comics of the last decade, which contains not only no "Scott Pilgrim" but NO MANGA WHATSOEVER. I'd deconstruct the many, many things wrong with it like the opinionated, pedantic nerd that I am, but Sean T. Collins has already rung that bell pretty well, so you might as well go read that instead. (Robot 6)

Art: "The Blot" creator Tom Neely shares his corpse Post-It art -- which is to say, pictures of corpses painted on Post-Its -- for the upcoming 4th annual Post-It art show at Giant Robot.

Crossover: W-w-what? IDW is doing a comic book version of "The Last Unicorn"? Man, I (and my childhood) hope this is done right, although so far as I can tell there's no way to illustrate the musical stylings of the band America. (Splash Page)

Anime: American fans often take the insane popularity of anime and manga in Japan for granted, but the most recent news out of Nihon has been sobering. (Newsarama)

Twitter: "BTW if anyone hasn't seen the Wonder Twins episode of'll make you actually LIKE the Wonder Twins. Without being drunk." -- "Green Lantern," "Flash," and now "Smallville" writer @GeoffJohns0