Campaigns: If you and 49,999 of your friends can get behind Francesco Francavilla's "Batman vs. The Duck Squadron," perhaps DC Comics will take notice of the Dark Knight's grudge against the bird menace. [io9]

Guess Work: Brian Cronin at Comics Should Be Good does his best to identify the members of the Secret Avengers, saying that The Beast is the only gimme in the whole shadowy bunch [Although I'm still clinging to my Gorilla-Man hopes - Caleb]. [CSBG]

Romance, Part 1: On Valentine's Day, Ben Morse at The Cool Kids Table reminisced on some comic book relationships that almost were, but never quite sealed the deal. [CKT]

Romance, Part 2: Taking the Valentine's Day ball and running with it, Sujay Kumar identifies five defunct comic book relationships that should be given a second lease on love, like Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy and Clark Kent & Lana Lang. [Splash Page]

Concept Art: Admittedly, the concept of Anti-Venom is a little bit hokey. I promise you that this concept art of Anti-Venom is anything but. [CGHub via Super Punch]

Rumors: Jamie Bamber ("Battlestar Galactica"), Mark Pellegrino ("Lost") and Stuart Townsend (Almost "Thor") are said to be in the running for the role of Rick Grimes on the new "Walking Dead" television series. Don't get me wrong, Bamber is great and all, but I think I'm on Team Jacob for this one. [Big Shiny Robot]