When the Marvel Universe invades Walmart, hilarity ensues. [People of Walmart]

Toys: Solid Snake is super cute - and super rare - in Medicom's upcoming action figures made exclusively for the Wonder Festival 2010 Winter held in Japan next month. Attendees can purchase a regular edition as well as a stealth camo version. [Kotaku]

Hollywood: Brian Michael Bendis and Zac Efron aren't the likeliest of dynamic duos when it comes to making "Fire," the movie based on Bendis' graphic novel, but I suppose there are weirder team-ups possible. [Deadline Hollywood]

Comics: Does Marvel's "Heroic Age" herald the return of comic book characters as role models, or is this just a bland sanitization? Perhaps it's a bit of both. [Screen Rant]

Television: Doctor Fate's voice is kind of hilarious in this new promo for next week's "Absolute Justice" telemovie event on "Smallville." [The Ausiello Files]

Customs: An Ares figure that draws upon Savage Dragon, Street Fighter and other Hasbro parts is the custom job of the week (compare to Hasbro's official Ares on the right). [The Fwoosh]