Webcomics: Of all the professors to lie to, Professor Batman would not be the one.

Art: The "Iron Man 2" fan posters. I must have them. [Super Punch]

Pornography: "Iron Man" and porn. It had to collide eventually. If only it were a little bit sexier. [Atom]

Art: Heidi MacDonald accurately notes that Jamie S. Rich's Audrey Hepburn sketchbook could well be one of the best sketchbooks ever. [The Everlasting Jamie S Rich via The Beat]

Apps: Want to know everything there is to know about Alex Ross and his artwork? Yeah, there's an app for that. [Robot 6]

Comics: Want to weigh in on the greatest comic book stories you've ever read? Now's your chance thanks to a new month-long feature throughout the month of May! [Comics Should Be Good]

Art: The Force is strong within this sketch book. Do or do not; there is no trying to say that this sketch book sucks. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to this sketch book. And so forth. [Photophonic]