Comics: Ray Dilon has posted the first fully illustrated page of "Ninja Turtles: Dawn of the Ninja," a fan-based graphic novel and movie concept created by Luke Keith and Steve Lee. [Facebook]Webcomics: Zuda Comics has announced that the online comics collective will no longer host monthly competitions. Announcements regarding other changes to the site are forthcoming. [Zuda Comics]

Crossover: In the first "Iron Man" movie, astute fans saw Captain America's shield in Tony Stark's workshop. In the upcoming sequel, it won't take an eagle-eyed viewer to see the tribute to Steve Rogers - check it out for yourself, but beware of some spoilers. [Worst Previews]

Customs: Doctor Octopus is having some tummy troubles. [Baliscon via Toy Cutter]

Retailers: Mike Malve of Atomic Comics in Arizona is utilizing unique methods to attract new readers to his store, including a "Dollar Menu" promotion where certain first issues are offered for $1 and can be traded back in for a discount on a trade of the same collection. [Comic Book Resources]

Process: Sculptor Tony Cipriano reveals his sculpting process in a detailed blog post chronicling the constructions of a Gambit and a Silver Surfer statue. [Pop Sculpture]

Comparisons: For many people, it's hard to think of even one reason why Iron Man is cooler than Darth Vader - but Marc Bernardin, Mike Avila, Adam Freeman and Meredith Woerner have come up with thirty-eight reasons. [io9]