Marvel Comics' mid '80s crossover sensation "Secret Wars" is famous for introducing Spider-Man's black costume to the world, but in a strange twist of awesomeness, the tie-in toyline seems also to have produced what could be the very first "Deadpool" action figure.

No, it's not really Deadpool (he didn't turn up until 1991), but the "Viper Alien Darklord" here does bear a striking resemblance to everyone's favorite mentally-ill mercenary.

The retroactively strong resemblance can be credited to Brazilian toy manufacturer Gulliver Jugetes and its line of "kit-bashed," or repurposed action figure molds from America's "Secret Wars" toy line. Basically, Gulliver took the components of the SW line and made a line of new characters under the "Future Warriors" brand.

Action Figure Insider has a full history of the wonderful anomaly, breaking down the figure's reused components. There's a Baron Zemo head, a Captain America Chest and Dr. Doom's legs fused into an awesome mess of a toy packaged with what looks like a glow-in-the-dark sword. That combo pretty well translates into a metaphor for Deadpool's own personality and power components.

The toy is reportedly pretty rare, meaning it will fill my dreams for years to come.