Wolverine is the best he is at what he does, but what he's done in the past doesn't necessarily include cleaning house. In the irony-sculpting hands of Cartoon Network's new "MAD" animated series, however, the Canadian hero doesn't just get the X-Mansion clean - he gets it "Wolverclean," with claw attachments capable of handling any surface.Having kicked off its inaugural season last Monday, this upcoming "MAD" short builds upon the kid-friendly humor the show's worked to establish in earlier promos with Wolverine "grime fighting" instead of simply crime fighting.

Given Wolvie's ubiquitous adventuring through the Marvel U, the short's testimonials are perhaps the biggest treat for fans. Everyone from Iron Man to Mister Fantastic to Magneto seems to love its cleaning powers, and at just one low payment of $19.95, who can blame them?

Watch the new clip below.

[Via Comics Continuum]