Comic-Con International is only ever about two steps from descending into complete anarchy, and this year, we didn't even make it through Day One before society began the inevitable breakdown that will eventually see San Diego's Gaslamp devolve into a pop cultural Thunderdome. The signs were there all along, but if you missed them, consider this: Someone has stolen Comic Book Resources' golf cart.

The theft was announced by CBR executive producer and owner Jonah Weiland, who advised readers to keep an eye out for the missing vehicle, pictured above. Keep in mind, however, that at this point, it has probably undergone a full transformation into a War Rig designed to ride shiny and chrome to the head of the Hall H line, and woe betide anyone who stands in its way.



Joking aside --- and even Weiland himself admits that the phrase "someone has stolen CBR's golf cart" is the kind of bizarre sentence that you only really get at San Diego --- we here at ComicsAlliance know that we'd be every bit as frustrated as our colleagues at CBR if we were in the position of having to scour the harbor for a golf cart that we were planning on using for getting to where we needed to be to cover the show. They've got our sympathy, and if any of our readers happen to see the cart being driven by any suspicious characters, let them know. I mean, I'm not sure what qualifies as a "suspicious character" during Comic-Con, but you can probably start with anyone who isn't dressed as a super-villain.

Also, rest assured that the ComicsAlliance Razor Scooter remains safe and sound with Andrew Wheeler.