Evidently, the Comics Alliance crew wasn't the only one to skip this year's Wizard World Chicago, but we didn't feel all that bad about it considering our favorite blogatrix in the comixsphere Heidi MacDonald took a pass too.

Also, we knew Paul Jett, my well-connected fellow Texan who runs Batman-On-Film couldn't resist making the trip, due to last Saturday night's The Dark Knight panel.

There was lots of Joker footage in the three-minute clip seen by WW attendees, which makes me long for the first real trailer, rumored to be running with the Will Smith actioner, I Am Legend come this Christmas.

Until then, you'll have to be happy with this rundown of the TDK panel from Jett that may tell you more than you want to know. BTW, the local Chicago newspapers that have come to ignore Wizard World in years past -- namely the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald did take an interest in the TDK panel too...

We were also happy to read -- again via The Beat -- that Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani, co-creators of the all-ages comic Patrick, the Wolf Boy, will be working on a Tiny Titans book, one of three additions to the Johnny DC comics line.

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