Screenshot of 'Jump Ultimate Stars' on Nintendo DS
News flash: Japan has way, way better video games then we do. Even though it was released in Japan last November, I just found out about the awesomeness that is Jump Ultimate Stars for the Nintendo DS ... and now I can't stop playing it.

Jump Ultimate Stars features - get this - over 300 characters from 41 different manga series in a team vs. team fighting game. You can finally answer the question of who would win in a fight between the characters from Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, or you can have them team up and battle the characters from Fist of the North Star and Hunter X Hunter. It's every fan's dream come true.

The problem (sort of) is that Jump Ultimate Stars is only available in Japan. The solution is a quick trip to eBay and the use of a translated FAQ and walk through that you can find online in about two seconds. The nice thing is that the DS is region-free so you can play Game Boy Advance and DS games from Japan any time you want ... and believe me, you will want.The game play for Jump Ultimate Stars is ultra crisp highly varied. Each round requires several skills to clear from straight up beating the crap out of your opponent to games of capture the flag and who can collect the most coins in the allotted time. The nice thing is that you can play around different levels without having to clear 100% of each one, giving the player a greater degree of freedom to mess around.

Once you get the hang of the game play - which is tricky considering all the on-screen prompts are in Japanese - you're in for a ride on what might be the best game in the entire DS library. Seriously, Jump Ultimate Stars is a winner for manga fans, gamers and comics fans of all ages.

Check out the official site for some screen shots and other fun.