Despite being startled at by the unexpected blare of the G4 studio fire alarms, Fresh Ink! Online host Blair Butler kicks off March with poise as she praises 5 Ronin Wolverine, Ultimate Captain America, Powers, Secret Warriors, Secret Six, Irredeemable and Locke & Key this week. Alas, not every comic can win Pick of the Week, but the choice does come down between two strong contenders from the list.

Blair also had nice things to say about CA's take on hipster superheroines, wherein Chris Sims applied the hipster Disney princess meme to super women you won't likely see sporting oversized glasses in comics anytime soon. Irony, you know?
Following last week's break, Hero Complex blogger Geoff Boucher was back with his comic pick, recommending IDW's new True Blood adaptation.

Check out all the picks from this week's episode of Fresh Ink! Online below: