Marian Churchland loves a lot of things: pastries, epic video games, uncut gemstones, impeccably structured jackets, marmalade, practical shoes, and fine chocolates. And she catalogues these loves—especially the things she truly covets—in lists that are magical even when they don't contain hints of fantasy.

Churchland is the creator of the 2009 Image comic Beast, and her art has popped up in Elephantmen, Madam Xanadu, Northlanders and King City. (Brandon Graham happens to be her significant other, and there are definite hints that their work rubs off on one another.) Her blog Hchom focuses largely on food and fashion, and when I see real jackets and pants on her handsomely attired goblin avatar, it sends even me, an incurable skirt devotee, into fits of wardrobe envy. She also recently launched a Tumblr, which will hopefully give us all more illustrated things and food-things to lust over.