Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday and December Tuesday - which is what I'm declaring today, even if the first day of December doesn't fall on a Tuesday every year - it's clear that the holiday season is on, and we've got Marvel superheroes to prove it.

Action Figure Comix
is ringing in the Season of Santa with a hilarious reinterpretation of the classic "The 12 Days of Christmas" song starring several action figures from the Marvel Universe. The story starts out simply enough with a part-bridge and a bare tree, which is quickly joined by the presence of two Doctor Dooms, then three HYDRA henchmen, then four kinds of bugs - Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, Wasp and Spider-Woman, to be precise - and so on and so forth.

The pandemonium continues to ratchet up until the end where all 77 action figures - 79 if you count the part-bridge and the bare tree - are piled atop each other in a massive stack of Christmas glory.

Honestly, if there exists a better way to celebrate Christmas than with the aid of ten Logans snikting, nine ladies leaping, eight mini-zombies, seven super-soldiers, six guys a-flaming and five orange Things, I've yet to hear about it. Please let me know if I'm missing out.

[Link via @JoshuaFlood]