Aside from the cinematic radness of "Blade Runner" and a few other entertainment anomalies, the celebrated science fiction of Philip K. Dick hasn't always survived adaptation into other mediums. Fortunately, by assembling writer David Mack, interior artist Pascal Alixe, cover artist Paul Pope and consulting editor Brian Michael Bendis, I think Marvel has a pretty decent shot at doing right by the upcoming "Electric Ant."

Known for pioneering modern robot mythos, Dick's "Electric Ant," explores what it means to be human when an ordinary man discovers his life is a lie. Here's Marvel's synopsis of the tale:

"Garson Poole's life is pretty great, with the job, apartment and sexy assistant of his dreams, but a visit to the hospital uncovers a dark secret about his existence. Revealed as an "Electric Ant," a type of robot programmed to serve a specific function, Poole's life is thrown into a tailspin as he works to discover the truth about his programming...and reality itself!" has more art from the book, which features a pretty pleasing painted look. It'll be interesting to see how the story pans out when the book arrives in April, but I'm going to go ahead and assume it's already 1000% better than "Minority Report."