It looks like Marvel Animation's first direct-to-home video feature will star two of the Avengers' brightest minds. Entertainment Weekly reports that Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United, a new feature blending CG and traditional animation, is set for an April 23 release. Though the film doesn't take place in The Avengers movieverse, Iron Man (Adrian Pasdar) and Hulk (Fred Tatasciore) will be forced to forge a similar alliance when the energy monster Zzzax (Dee Bradley Baker) strikes.

Executive VP of Marvel's TV division Jeph Loeb's description of the movie's plot seems pretty formula -- the Hulk and Iron Man will meet at a scene caused by Zzzax, blame each other and "calamity" will ensue -- but considering the feature is intended to reach new fans and appeal to recent Avengers moviegoers, longtime fans can probably handle watching another "Who would win in a fight?" scenario play out as long as the fight choreography is interesting.

If the movie is deemed a success, Loeb told EW that Marvel Animation hopes to make more direct to home video features which will "...more than likely be in team-up situations."

My vote for the next feature? Devil Dinosaur and Japanese Spider-Man.

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[Via EW]