Hasbro sent ComicsAlliance a special press preview set from its new Marvel Bonka Zonks toy line last week, which features around 80 individual heroes and villains, plus multiple versions of favorites like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine and others. The top-heavy toys were built to "flick, stack, spin, attack," working kind of like tiddlywinks on energy drinks. Essentially the toys work as collectibles, tops, stackables and top-heavy torpedoes and serve a variety of gameplay functions via packed-in stunt cards, stack strips, battle dishes, stickers, "Slampolines" and special codes used to digitize the toys at the official Bonka Zonks website. You can see the full selection of Hasbro's new Marvel Bonkazonks after the cut.

The toys are currently trickling into major retailers and are already available online in a variety of assortments that range in price from around $5-20 -- including as part of themed carrying cases (there's Spidey and Iron Man cases as big as a human head!). You can scope out some shots of the Marvel Bonka Zonks from CA's preview set below.

The Bonkazonks in motion during Toy Fair 2012: