Having taken a look at April's single-issue releases from Marvel, it's time to check out what for many readers is the main event of any comic book shipping schedule: the collected editions, which compile and usually complete comics stories initially serialized monthly in 20-page pamphlet-style comics you totally can't put on a shelf. Below you will find the cover artwork and hype copy for new trade paperbacks, hardcovers and omnibuses coming from Marvel Comics in April including a new hardcover edition of Brian Michael Bendis' Goldfish, an omnibus collection of Jonathan Hickman's Secret Warriors and much more.Goldfish Gn-Hc
Written By Brian Michael Bendis
Penciled By Brian Michael Bendis
Cover By Brian Michael Bendis
An Enigmatic Grifter With A Heart Of Gold Returns To His Old Haunts To Find His Old Flame Practically Running The City's Underbelly, And His Oldest Friend And Ex-Partner In Crime A Police Detective. But Goldfish Has Come Back For One Reason, And One Reason Only: His Son. This Completely Redesigned, Reformatted And Reworked Hardcover Is Perfect For Both New Readers And Old! Collecting A.K.A. Goldfish: Joker, Ace, Jack, Queen And King.
272 Pgs./Mature ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6396-1
© 2012 Jinxworld Inc.

Powers Vol. 6: The Sellouts Premiere Hc
Written By Brian Michael Bendis
Penciled By Michael Avon Oeming
Cover By Michael Avon Oeming
When A Member Of One Of The Classic Supergroups Falls Victim To A Seedy Sex Scandal, The Murder Investigation Takes Walker And Pilgrim On A Journey That Will Forever Change The Way The World Looks At Superheroes! This Completely Redesigned And Reformatted Hardcover Includes An Illustrated, In-Depth Interview With Artist Michael Avon Oeming! Collecting Powers (2000) #25-30.
192 Pgs./Mature ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6018-2
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Secret Warriors Omnibus Hc
Written By Brian Michael Bendis & Jonathan Hickman
Penciled By Alex Maleev, Stefano Caselli, Alessandro Vitti, Gianluca Gugliotta,
Mirko Colak, David Marquez & Ed Mcguinness
Cover By Jim Cheung
Former S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury And His Newly Minted Team Of Secret Warriors Uncover A Conspiracy That Reaches From The Oval Office To Japan - And Even Beyond Death. When A Shadow War Breaks Out Between Leviathan And Hydra, It's Up To Fury And His Warriors To Take Them Both Out. The Reconstituted Howling Commandos Join Fury's Ranks, But Tragedy Waits In The Wings As The Conflict Blossoms Into An All-Out War On Three Fronts. As Hydra And Leviathan Ready For Their Final Strikes - On Each Other And The World - Fury Will Have To Make Some Of The Grittiest Life-And-Death Choices Of His Long Life! Collecting Mighty Avengers #13 And 18, Secret Warriors #1-28, Dark Reign: The List - Secret Warriors, Siege: Secret Warriors, And Material From Dark Reign: New Nation.
904 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$99.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6333-6

Marvel's The Avengers Prelude Tpb
Written By Chris Yost & Eric Pearson
Penciled By Luke Ross & Daniel Hdr
The Newest Installment Of The Official Marvel Cinematic Universe Tie-In Comics Is Here Just In Time For Marvel's The Avengers Movie! How Will S.H.I.E.L.D. Maintain The Status Quo In A World Full Of Gamma-Powered Rage Monsters, Hammer-Wielding Gods And Men In Iron Suits? What Exactly Is The Avengers Initiative? If You Thought You Knew Everything There Was To Know About Director Nick Fury And The Elusive Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Think Again! Collecting Marvel's The Avengers Prelude #1-4.
96 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$14.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6341-1
*Not Final Cover

Avengers: The Art Of The Avengers Hc & Slipcase
Written By Jason Surrell
Marvel Studios Takes Readers Behind The Scenes Of One Of The Most Eagerly Anticipated Films Of All Time In The Art Of The Avengers. This Keepsake Volume Is An Experiential Journey Through The Entire Film From Beginning To End - Featuring Stunning Concept Art, Full-Color Photographs From The Set As Well As The Finished Film, Excerpts From The Script, And Exclusive Interviews With The Cast And Crew - Including Writer/Director Joss Whedon, Producer Kevin Feige And, Of Course, The Avengers Themselves. From Costume And Production Design To Visual Effects And Creature Creation, The Art Of The Avengers Is A Lavish Showcase Of All The Artistry And Creativity That Brings The Marvel Cinematic Universe To Life Onscreen. Avengers Assemble!
304 Pgs./All Ages ...$49.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6234-6

Avengers: West Coast Avengers - Zodiac Attack Premiere Hc
Written By Steve Englehart & Tom Defalco
Penciled By Al Milgrom & Bob Hall
Cover By Al Milgrom
The Members Of Jake Fury's Zodiac Were Created To Wipe Out Their Predecessors, And The West Coast Avengers Are Next! Hawkeye Leads His Team Into Battle - But As Far As Scorpio's Concerned, There's Only Room For One Archer, And It's Also Hawkeye! Have The Avengers Infiltrated Zodiac, Or Vice Versa? Which Is Deadlier, The Lion Or The Tigra? And Where Does Mockingbird's Crisis Of Conscience Fit In? Plus: The Dead Fly Through Space! Featuring Guest Appearances By The Shroud And The Silver Surfer! Collecting West Coast Avengers (1985) #25-30 And Annual #2, And Avengers Annual (1967) #16.
232 Pgs./Rated T ...$29.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6253-7
Trim Size: Standard

Avengers: West Coast Avengers - Zodiac Attack Premiere Hc - Variant Edition Vol. 96 (Dm Only)
232 Pgs./Rated T ...$29.99 • Isbn: 978-0-7851-6254-4

Avengers Vs. X-Men: It's Coming Tpb
Written By Allan Heinberg, Jason Aaron, Skottie Young, Craig Kyle, Chris Yost,
Brian Michael Bendis & Jeph Loeb
Penciled By Jim Cheung, Adam Kubert, Clay Mann, David Finch, Olivier Coipel
& Ed Mcguinness
Cover By Jim Cheung
After The Scarlet Witch Brings The Mutant Race To The Brink Of Extinction, The Avengers, X-Men, Young Avengers And X-Factor Fight A Four-Way Battle To Determine Her Fate! The X-Men Are Split Down The Middle As Cyclops And Wolverine Go Their Separate Ways! The Seemingly Reformed Magneto Is Caught On Video Slaughtering Anti-Mutant Activists! Cable Returns From The Future With Hope - Who Just May Be The Key To The Mutant Race's Survival - So Why Does He Try To Eliminate The Avengers After Seeming Sacrificing Himself To Ensure Her Safety? A Gruesome Discovery In Deep Space Might Provide The Answer - Even As It Pits The X-Men And Avengers Against One Another In A Head-To-Head War! Collecting Avengers: The Children's Crusade #7, X-Men: Schism #5, Magneto: Not A Hero #1, X-Men: Second Coming #1, House Of M #8, Avengers: X-Sanction #1 And Material From Point One #1.
168 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$19.99 • Isbn: 978-0-7851-6497-5

Avengers Assemble Vol. 3 Tpb
Written By Kurt Busiek & Fabian Nicieza
Penciled By George Perez, Stuart Immonen, Paul Ryan, Norm Breyfogle,
Richard Howell & Mark Bagley
Cover By George Perez
Earth's Mightiest Heroes Vs. Marvel's Most Wanted And More! The Crisis Of The Eighth Day Pits The Avengers Against The Unstoppable Force That Is The Juggernaut, While Triathlon's First Day As An Avenger Takes The Team South Of The Border And Back In Time Thousands Of Years! And How Does The Mystery Of Madame Masque Match The Curse Of Count Nefaria? Guest-Starring The Thunderbolts, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel And Patsy Walker, The Newly Resurrected Hellcat! Plus: Citizen V, The Crimson Cowl And Scourge! Collecting Avengers (1998) #24-34 And Annual 2000; And Thunderbolts #42-44.
408 Pgs./Rated T ...$34.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6196-7

Marvel Masterworks:
The Amazing Spider-Man
Vol. 14 Hc

Written By Gerry Conway
Penciled By Ross Andru With Gil Kane
& John Romita
Cover By John Romita
Peter Parker Has Never Had It Easy. When He's Facing A Gauntlet Of Ne'er-Do-Wells The Likes Of The Molten Man, Morbius And Man-Wolf, You Know That The Parker Luck Is In Full Effect - And You're In Store For Some Top-Notch Spider-Man Adventures! Exhibit A: Teetering On The Edge Of Sanity Since The Death Of His Father - A.K.A. The Green Goblin - Harry Osborn Goes Off The Deep End And Takes Up The Mantle Of Spidey's Nemesis. With His Best Friend Out To Kill Him, It's An Edge-Of-Your-Seat Encounter That Will Redefine The Webslinger's World For Decades To Come. Plus: The Tarantula Debuts; The Punisher Returns; And Mindworm, Grizzly, Mysterio And The Jackal Pile On. It's Another Heaping Helping Of Spidey Masterworks! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #132-142; Giant-Size Super-Heroes #1 And Marvel Treasury Edition #1.
256 Pgs./All Ages ...$59.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5975-9

Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 14 Hc - Variant Edition Vol. 182 (Dm Only)
256 Pgs./All Ages ...$59.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5976-6

Marvel Masterworks:
Golden Age Marvel Comics Vol. 7 Hc

Written By Ray Gill, Stan Lee,
Mickey Spillane & Various
Penciled By Carl Burgos, Bill Everett,
Jack Kirby, Ben Thompson, Bob Oksner,
Sid Greene, Al Fagaly, Ed Robbins & Various
Cover By Alex Schomburg
The Comic That Started It All - Marvel Mystery Comics - Continues Its Historic Marvel Masterworks Run. Featuring The Headlining Heroes That Made Marvel An Overnight Success - The Human Torch And Sub-Mariner By Carl Burgos And Bill Everett - Each Issue Offers 64 Jam-Packed Pages Of Thrills And Adventure. And Those Two Heroes Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, 'Cause This Is The Golden Age! You'll Also See The Conclusion Of Ka-Zar's 1940S Jungle Adventures, The Whimsical Jimmy Jupiter's Debut, The Eerie Vision's Avenging Hand, The Patriot's Fight Against Fifth Columnists, Terry Vance's Mystery-Detective Exploits, And The Angel's Battle Against Weird Monsters And Mob Menaces. Collected For The First Time In 70 Years, It's A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Read These Golden Age Classics. So Reserve Your Copy Today, True Believer! Collecting Marvel Mystery Comics #25-28.
280 Pgs./All Ages ...$64.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5026-8

Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Marvel Comics Vol. 7 Hc - Variant Edition Vol. 183 (Dm Only)
280 Pgs./All Ages ...$64.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5027-5

Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil Vol. 3 Tpb
Written By Stan Lee
Penciled By Gene Colan
Cover By Gene Colan & Richard Isanove
The Man Without Fear's Next Hot Masterworks Installment Is Barreling Your Way With Action-Packed Art By No Less Than "Gentleman" Gene Colan And The Sensational Stories Of Super-Scribe Stan Lee. Let Me Tell Ya, True Believer, These Cats Pull No Punches! Hold On To Your Hats As Ol' Hornhead Goes Toe-To-Toe With The Tri-Man And Gladiator, Laughs It Up At Leap Frog, Sticks It To Stilt Man And Then Marches Through A Marathon Of The Masked Marauder, Mr. Hyde And Cobra! And Just When Your Thought We'd Cut Him A Break, All The Baddies Go Union As Electro's Emissaries Of Evil! If Even That's Not Enough For Your Frantic Fingers, Don't Forget Guest Appearances From Spider-Man, The Mighty Thor And Ka-Zar! And Before We Leave Let's Not Forget Matt Murdock's Swingin' Twin Brother Mike Murdock. Twin Brother?! Collecting Daredevil (1964) #22-32 & Annual #1
304 Pgs/All Ages...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5953-7

Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil Vol. 3 Tpb - Variant Edition Vol. 41 (Dm Only)
304 Pgs/All Ages...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5954-4

Spider-Man: Return Of The Burglar Premiere Hc
Written By Marv Wolfman & Stan Lee
Penciled By Keith Pollard, Al Milgrom & Sal Buscema
Cover By John Romita
The Cat And The Burglar! Spider-Man's First True Enemy - The Burglar Who Killed His Beloved Uncle Ben - Has Returned On A Hunt That Threatens The Rest Of The Parker Family, Even As The Web-Slinger First Crosses Paths With The Lovely And Larcenous Black Cat! Meanwhile, The Kingpin's On A Deadline - To See Spidey Dead! Plus: Mysterio And The Fly, Mysteries And Breakdowns, Crisis After Crisis, And More! Collecting Amazing Spider- Man (1963) #193-200.
176 Pgs./Rated T ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6265-0
Trim Size: Standard

Spider-Man: Return Of The Burglar Premiere Hc - Variant Edition Vol. 97 (Dm Only)
176 Pgs./Rated T ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6266-7

X-Men: Beauty & The Beast Premiere Hc
Written By Jim Shooter, Ann Nocenti & Jim Mccann
Penciled By Frank Springer, Don Perlin & David Lopez
Cover By Bill Sienkiewicz
After Alison Blaire Is Outed As A Mutant And Her Musical Career Comes To A Screeching Halt, Dazzler Ends Up Associating With An Experimental Underground Theater Group That Serves As A Front For A Gladiatorial Arena In Which Mutants Battle To The Death! Fortunately, Hank Mccoy Shows Up - But Is He In Time To Save Her, Or Will Beauty Battle Beast In A Fight To The Finish? Plus: Is That Really Dr. Doom's Son? Collecting Marvel Graphic Novel #12: Dazzler - The Movie; Beauty & The Beast (1984) #1-4 And Material From Marvel Heartbreakers #1.
184 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6273-5
Trim Size: Standard

X-Men: Beauty & The Beast Premiere Hc - Variant Edition Vol. 98 (Dm Only)
184 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6274-2

Daredevil: Season One Premiere Hc
Written By Antony Johnston
Penciled By Wellinton Alves
Cover By Julian Totino Tedesco
Meet Matt Murdock, One Of New York's Finest Attorneys By Day And Swashbuckling Crime-Fighter Daredevil By Night! Discover The Dark Secrets Behind His First Days In The Costume, As The Man Without Sight Became The Man Without Fear-And One Of The Greatest Heroes In Comic History. Daredevil Faces Off Against The Owl, Purple Man And Mr. Fear For The First Time...But It's Not What You Remember! Also Features Daredevil #1 By Mark Waid, Paulo Rivera And Marcos Martin!
136 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5643-7
Trim Size: Standard
Order Code: Jan120730

Astonishing X-Men:
Exiled Premiere Hc

Written By Greg Pak & Warren Ellis
Penciled By Mike Mckone & Adi Granov
Cover By Mike Mckone
Greg Pak (World War Hulk) And Mike Mckone (Amazing Spider-Man) Are Here To Put The Astonishing Back In The X-Men. Something Isn't What It Seems. Storm Needs Cyclops' Help With A Special Mission Against Sentinels, But It Ends Up Being Much More Than They Bargained For. Oh, And They Kiss. What?! Who Has Abducted Them, Who Are All The Familiar-Looking Mutants, And What Is The True Identity Of The Villain Saviour? The Biggest, Most Exciting X-Men Story In Years Is Here! Collecting Astonishing X-Men (2004) #44-47 And Material From Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #1.
112 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6177-6
Trim Size: Standard

Fear Itself: Wolverine/
New Mutants Premiere Hc

Written By Seth Peck, Dan Abnett
& Andy Lanning
Penciled By Roland Boschi, Robbi
Rodriguez & David Lafuente
Cover By Jorge Molina
Amid The Unstoppable Force Of Fear Itself, The Mercenary Black-Ops Group S.T.R.I.K.E. Has Taken Advantage Of The Chaos And Activated Sleeper Agents For One Final, Deadly Mission - And It's Up To Wolverine To Stop Them! But In Leaving His Enterprising Girlfriend, Melita Garner, To Report From The Ground, Will His Choice Prove Fatal? Plus: The New Mutants Fight The Scariest Beings You Never Knew Existed! When Strange Forces Snatch Hel From Its Ruler Hela, It's Up To Dani Moonstar To Fulfill Her Role As Valkyrie And Save The Day. Her Teammates Are Afraid Of What Will Happen If Dani Goes It Alone, But Will They Abandon The X-Men As Juggernaut Lays Waste To San Francisco? Collecting Fear Itself: Wolverine #1-3 And New Mutants (2009) #29-32.
168 Pgs./Parental Advisory ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5808-0
Trim Size: Standard

Avengers: X-Sanction Premiere Hc
Written By Jeph Loeb
Penciled By Ed Mcguinness
Cover By Ed Mcguinness
Cable Is Back! And He's Got Just 24 Hours To Wipe The Avengers From The Pages Of History! How Has Cable Been Reborn? Where Has He Been Since "Second Coming"? And What Dark Event Has Driven Him To Destroy The Avengers? The Answers Are Just The Tip Of An Iceberg That Threatens To Smash The Marvel Universe To Smithereens! This Crucial Story By The Creators Behind Superman/Batman And Hulk, Jeph Loeb And Ed Mcguinness, Setting Up The Status Quo-Shattering Epic Avx! Collecting Avengers: X-Sanction #1-4.
112 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5862-2
Trim Size: Standard

Fear Itself: The Home Front
Premiere Hc

Written By Christos Gage, Peter Milligan, Howard Chaykin, Fred Van Lente & More
Penciled By Mike Mayhew, Elia Bonetti, Howard Chaykin, Alessandro Vitti & More
Cover By Marko Djurdjevic
While Doing Charity Work In Disguise, Speedball's True Identity Is Exposed To The People Of Stamford - Where Many Still Blame Him For The Deaths Of Six Hundred Innocents. As Fear Itself Looms, Can Speedball Rally Stamford Against The Serpent - And Forgive Himself For Past Mistakes? Plus: Super-Agent Jimmy Woo Confronts His Deepest Fears In An All-New, All-Action Adventure! And When The Teen Analogues Of Your Favorite Avengers - X-23, Spider-Girl, Power Man And Thunderstrike - Find Themselves Stranded On A Strange Island In The Middle Of The Pacific, Is It Their Greatest Fears Come To Life - Or The Birth Of A Powerful New Super Team? Plus, Marvel's Top Talents Spin A Series Of Globe-Spanning Adventures That Will Test The Mettle Of Hero, Citizen And Villain Alike! Collecting Fear Itself: The Home Front #1-7.
224 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$29.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6389-3
Trim Size: Standard

Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force/The Deep Premiere Hc
Written By Rob Williams & Cullen Bunn
Penciled By Simone Bianchi & Lee Garbett
Cover By Simone Bianchi
As Fear Itself Hits The Marvel Universe, An Extreme Faction Of The Anti-Mutant Purifiers Believes The End Of The World Is Nigh - And That It's Up To Them To Save As Many Human Souls As They Can Before The Serpent Strikes. Can X-Force Stop Their Drive For Worldwide Suicide? Plus: Namor Is Targeted For Death By One Of The Hammer-Wielding Worthy! With The X-Men Under Siege And All Hope Seemingly Lost, The Sub Mariner Finds An Ally In His Old Friend Dr. Strange. Can Strange Recruit A Team Powerful Enough To Keep The Seas Safe From The Spread Of Fear And Chaos Gripping The World? If He Can't, There May Just Not Be Any Hope For The Rest Of The Marvel Universe! Collecting Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #1-3 And Fear Itself: The Deep #1-4.
168 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5796-0
Trim Size: Standard

New Mutants: A Date
With The Devil Premiere Hc

Written By Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciled By David Lopez
Cover By Jason Pearson
In The Wake Of The Events Of X-Men: Schism, The New Mutants Find Themselves At A Crossroads, And A Decision Will Be Made That Changes Their Lives Forever. Then, As The Shaken Team Gets Back To Their Unfinished Business, They Discover The Fugitive Mutant Blink Constantly Appearing At Natural Disasters. Is Blink Responsible For This Destruction, Or Is Something More Sinister Afoot? The New Mutants Investigate, But Soon Find Themselves Facing Off Against The Diskhord, A Band Of Chaotic Death Metal Rockers. Yes, You Read Right: It's The New Mutants Vs. The Awesome Power Of Metal! Plus: Magma Made A Deal With Mephisto To Go On A Date With Him If He Helped Save The Team, And He's Come To Collect! Collecting New Mutants (2009) #33-37.
120 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5232-3
Trim Size: Standard

X-Men: War Machines
Premiere Hc

Written By Victor Gischler
Penciled By Will Conrad
Cover By Adi Granov
Guest Starring Iron Man 2.0! The Fallout Of Schism Pushes The X-Men And War Machine Against Each Other In Eastern Europe As Sentinels Are Being Traded On The Black Market. But Things Aren't As They Seem, And The X-Men And Rhodey Will Have To Work Together To Stop A Genocidal Plot.
Collecting X-Men (2010) #20-23.
112 Pgs./Rated T ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6187-5

Punishermax: Homeless Premiere Hc
Written By Jason Aaron
Penciled By Steve Dillon
Cover By Dave Johnson
The Punisher Is At His Lowest Point - Homeless, Penniless, Gun-Less. But None Of This Changes The Fact That He's Got His Sights Aimed Squarely On The Most Powerful Man In The Country: Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin Of Crime. Fearing For His Life And Paranoid, The Kingpin Brings In A New Bodyguard, The Best Money Can Buy: A Hard-As-Nails Woman Going By The Name Of Elektra. But Can Elektra Really Shield Him From What The Punisher Is Planning, Especially When Fisk Seems More Interested In Trying To Get Her Into His Bed? The Punisher Begins His Final Assault On The Kingpin - And Only One Of Them Will Walk Away Alive. Then, As Jason Aaron And Steve Dillon's Seminal Run Comes To An End, Do Not Miss The Punisher Story You'd Never Thought You'd Read! Collecting Punishermax #17-22.
144 Pgs./Explicit Content ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5210-1
Trim Size: Standard

Wolverine & The X-Men By Jason Aaron Vol. 1 Premiere Hc
Written By Jason Aaron
Penciled By Chris Bachalo & Nick Bradshaw
Cover By Chris Bachalo
Spinning Directly Out Of X-Men: Schism, The X-Men Are Split In Two. Rejecting Cyclops' Isolationist Stance, Wolverine Takes Half The X-Men Back To Westchester To Start Over Again With A New School, A New Student Body And A Lot Of Surprises Up His Sleeve. But When The New Hellfire Club Decides They Don't Like What The Ol' Canucklehead Has Started And Decides To Burn The Place To The Ground, Will The All-New, All-Different Jean Grey School For Higher Learning Even Outlast Its First Day? Plus: Quentin Quire Goes Back To School, The Bamfs Invade, And Krakoa The Living Island Rears Its Leafy Head! Collecting Wolverine & The X-Men #1-4.
112 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5679-6
Trim Size: Standard

Spider-Man: Flying Blind Premiere Hc
Written By Dan Slott & Mark Waid
Penciled By Giuseppe Camuncoli, Humberto Ramos, Emma Rios & Kano
Cover By Giuseppe Camuncoli
It's A Brave New City! As The Costs Of Spider-Island Continue To Mount, One Of Spidey's Oldest Enemies Returns! The Vulture Is Back And Making Kids Do His High-Flying Dirty Work For Him. Can Spidey Be Able To Stop This Flying Fagan From Twisting Young Runaways Before Another Boy Falls From The Sky? Then, The Sinister Six Returns! Find Out What Everyone's Favorite Sextet Of Super Villains Has Been Up To While New York Was Spidered Out. It's All Leading Up To Doc Ock's Master Plan To - Well - You'll Have To Wait And See! Plus: Spidey And Daredevil Team Up! When Black Cat Is Arrested, Matt Murdock Is The Only Lawyer Who Will Touch Her (Her Case, We Mean). The Next Great Love Triangle Of The Marvel Universe Debuts Here! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #674-677 And Daredevil (2011) #8.
120 Pgs./Rated T ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6001-4
Trim Size: Standard

Amazing Spider-Man
Vol. 1: Behind The Mask

Young Readers Novel
Cover By Patrick Scherberger
Peter Parker Is An Average Teenager. He's Passionate About Science And Timid Around Others, Making Him The Perfect Target For High School Bullies. But That All Changes The Day A Science Experiment Goes Wrong, And Peter Begins...To Transform! Now, This Awkward Teen Must Learn How To Cope With Powers And Abilities That Set Him Even Further Apart From His Peers - While Enduring A Personal Tragedy That Teaches Him Harsh Lessons About Responsibility. Can The Newly Minted Spider-Man Find The Inner Strength To Triumph Over Adversity? Find Out In This Young Readers Novel! The Young Readers Novel Is A Brand New Novel Format For The Children And Ya Audiences. Please Note That These Are Prose Novels, Not Graphic Novels.
96 Pgs./All Ages ...$6.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5357-3
Trim Size: 5-1/8 X 7-13/16

The Avengers: Earth's
Mightiest Heroes Adventures
Comic Reader #1 & #2

Written By Chris Yost
Penciled By Scott Wegener, Patrick Scherberger & Adam Dekraker
• Spinning Out Of The Marvel Tv Animated Smash Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes On Disney Xd, And Just In Time For Marvel Studios' 2012 Blockbuster Film The Avengers!
• All The Daring And Destruction You Can Handle In The Classic Marvel Manner!
• Join Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye And The Rest Of The Avengers As They Do Battle With The Vilest Villains The Universe Has To Offer!
• Collecting Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2011) #1-2 And Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Adventures #1.
32 Pgs. (Each)/All Ages ...$3.99 (Each)
#1 Isbn: 978-0-7851-5363-4
#2 Isbn: 978-0-7851-5364-1
Trim Size: 6 X 9

Emma Gn-Tpb
Written By Nancy Butler
Penciled By Janet Lee
Cover By Janet Lee
Jane Austen's Classic Tale Of Mischief And Romance Comes To Life! In The Village Of Highbury, Young Emma Woodhouse Is An Expert In Romance. Believing Herself A Matchmaker, She Employs Her Knack For Pairing People At Every Opportunity, And The Mere Thought She Could Ever Be Wrong Is Quite Preposterous. When A Single Young Lady - Harriet Smith - Arrives In Highbury, Emma Is Determined To Find Her A Suitable Gentleman Caller. Between Card Parties, Suppers And Carriage Drives, Everything Seems To Be Going According To Plan. However, Love Has Other Intentions! With Her Schemes Backfiring In Ways She Could Not Anticipate, Emma Finds Her Meddling Is Leading To Heartbreak - Her Own! Award-Winning Writer Nancy Butler Brings You Another Enduring Jane Austen Classic, Retold In The Mighty Marvel Manner With The Beautiful Illustrations Of Janet Lee! Collecting Emma #1-5.
120 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$14.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5686-4

Red Hulk: Hulk Of Arabia Tpb
Written By Jeff Parker
Penciled By Patrick Zircher
Cover By Patrick Zircher
When A Ghost From General Ross' Past Resurfaces, Embroiled In A Dangerous War In The Middle East, Red Hulk Goes Off The Grid On An Unsanctioned Mission That Puts Him At Direct Odds With The Secret Avengers And Steve Rogers, His Super-Hero Sponsor. Even Teamed Up With Machine Man, This Covert Op That May Be The Most Dangerous Of His Life! Jeff Parker Continues His Lauded Run, With Stunning Artwork By The Incomparable Patrick Zircher. Don't Miss The Biggest Red Hulk Story Yet! Collecting Hulk (2008) #42-46.
120 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$14.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6095-3

Six Guns Tpb
Written By Andy Diggle
Penciled By Davide Gianfelice
Cover By Jackson Guice
"Don't Set Them Up If You Can't Take Them Down!" Times May Have Changed Since The Days Of The Old West, But The Law Of The Gun Still Holds Sway In The War-Torn South American State Of San Diablo. When Former Hero-For-Hire Maria Vasquez, Alias Tarantula, Finds Herself Wanted For Murder South Of The Border, Texas Rangers Division Lawman "Tex" Dawson Is Assigned To Bring Her In. But They're On A Collision Course With The Outlaw Black Riders Biker Gang, Who Plan To Make Sure She Never Makes It To Trial Alive. Classic Marvel Gunslingers Tarantula, Tex Dawson, Black Rider, Matt Slade And The Two-Gun Kid Are Given A Modern-Day Makeover In This Hard-Bitten Tale Of Blood And Bullets By The Daredevil: Reborn Team Of Andy Diggle And Davide Gianfelice. Five Heroes, Six Guns...Against Six Hundred! Collecting Six Guns #1-5.
120 Pgs./Parental Advisory ...$14.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5819-6

Daken: Dark Wolverine -
Big Break Tpb

Written By Rob Williams
Penciled By Ron Garney, Matteo Buffagni
& Riley Rossmo
Cover By Giuseppe Camuncoli
Daken Takes His Talents To The Sunset Strip! With His Takeover Of Madripoor's Underworld Complete, Daken Resolves To Step Out From His Father's Shadow And Create Something New. Like Many Others Before Him, The Son Of Wolverine Journeys To Los Angeles To Make A Name For Himself. But The City's Seedy Underbelly May Just Claim Him As Its Latest Victim Instead. Introduced To Tinseltown's Newest Designer Drug, Heat, Daken Gets An Unexpected Surprise: The Pills Nullify His Healing Factor And Give Him A Tremendous High. Exhilarated By The Feeling Of Vulnerability, Daken Quickly Becomes Addicted And Reckless, Putting His Plan To Take Over The City Of Angels At Risk. And When Dead Bodies Slashed To Pieces By Claws Begin To Appear Throughout L.A., Fbi Agent Donna Kiel Has One Suspect: Daken Akihiro. Collecting Daken: Dark Wolverine #9.1 And #10-12.
112 Pgs./Parental Advisory ...$16.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5674-1

Black Panther: The Most
Dangerous Man Alive -
The Kingpin Of Wakanda Tpb

Written By David Liss
Penciled By Jefte Palo, Shawn
Martinbrough & Michael Avon Oeming
Cover By Patrick Zircher
With Daredevil Gone From Hell's Kitchen, The Hand's New Leader Makes His Move For Ultimate Power. But Why Is Wilson Fisk Targeting Wakandan Citizens, And Can T'challa Save The One Woman Who Holds The Key To Unlocking The Kingpin's Plans? And When The Deadly Lady Bullseye And Typhoid Mary Take Aim, It's Time For The Panther To Call In Allies Of His Own: Falcon And Luke Cage! Ever Since T'challa Agreed To Take Over For Dd, You Knew This War Was Coming. Now, Here It Is! The Former King Of Wakanda And The Former Kingpin Of Crime Wage War In A Deadly Game, With The Panther's Homeland As The Prize! Collecting Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #523.1 And #525-529.
144 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$16.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6037-3

Dark Tower: The Battle Of Jericho Hill Tpb
Written By Robin Furth & Peter David
Penciled By Jae Lee
Cover By Jae Lee
The World Has Moved On. Nine Years Gone Since The Gunslingers Protected The Land. Nine Years Gone Since The Fall Of Gilead, When The Good Man's Dark Army Brutally Took The Ancient City From Those Same Gunslingers And Pushed Them Into The Wilderness Beyond. With The Affiliation Busted, It's Been A Time Of Retrenchment For Roland And What Remains Of His Ka-Tet, Hiding And On The Run From Marauding Mutants And Farson's Mercenaries. But Now, With The Revelation That One Of The Beams That Support The Dark Tower Is Broken, Things Couldn't Possibly Be Any Worse: First Roland's Homeland, And Now Mid-World Itself, Are On The Brink Of Destruction. The Dark Tower's Thirty-Issue Run Concludes With A Final Showdown Between Darkness And Light At Jericho Hill! Collecting Dark Tower: The Battle Of Jericho Hill #1-5.
144 Pgs./Parental Advisory ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-2954-7
©2012 Stephen King. All Rights Reserved.

New Mutants Vol. 4: Unfinished Business Tpb
Written By Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciled By Leandro Fernandez & Michael Ryan
Cover By Marko Djurdjevic
After One Disastrous Mission Too Many, The New Mutants Have Been Torn Apart. But Rather Than Disband The Team, Cyclops Gives Them A New Leader And A New Mission: To Settle The X-Men's Unfinished Business - The Lost Mutants And Threats That Have Slipped Through The Cracks. Now Led By Dani Moonstar, The Revitalized New Mutants Are Ready For Anything - Or So They Think. But Their First Assignment - To Track Down Nate Grey, The Reality-Warping Mutant Known As X-Man - Will Test Their Mettle Against One Of The Most Dangerous Creatures On Two Worlds! Collecting New Mutants (2009) #25-28.
112 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$16.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5231-6

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol. 4: Death Of Spider-Man Tpb
Written By Brian Michael Bendis
Penciled By Mark Bagley
Cover By Joe Quesada
Almost From The Moment He Became Spider-Man, Peter Has Been Haunted By The Memory Of His Beloved Uncle Ben - Murdered By A Common Thief, A Man The Headstrong Teen Had Refused To Stop When He Had The Chance Just A Few Days Earlier. With Uncle Ben's Death, Peter Learned Dearly The Valuable Lesson That With Great Power, There Must Also Come Great Responsibility. Now, Can Peter Summon The Necessary Power, And Bear The Weight Of Responsibility For One More Battle? As Spider-Man Fights On With A Seemingly Mortal Wound, The Lives Of His Aunt May And Girlfriend Mary Jane Hang In The Balance. Can Spidey Succeed Where He Failed Before? Will He Have To Give His Life To Earn Redemption? Uncle Ben Is Dead. What Will Peter Do To Keep Aunt May Alive? Collecting Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #156-160.
128 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5275-0

Ultimate Comics X: Origins Tpb
Written By Jeph Loeb
Penciled By Arthur Adams
Cover By Arthur Adams
The World Was On The Brink Of Destruction. Countless Heroes Died. The Fantastic Four Have Disbanded. The X-Men Are Gone. Mutants Are Hunted As Criminals. But There Is Hope - In The Form Of An Unlikely Group Of Young Heroes Gathered Together To Save Tomorrow. Who, Or What, Is Ultimate X? Collecting Ultimate Comics X #1-5.
136 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-4101-3

Wolverine's Revenge Tpb

Written By Jason Aaron
Penciled By Renato Guedes
& Goran Sudzuka
Cover By Jae Lee
Wolverine Dishes Out Bitter Retribution! James Howlett, Logan, Weapon X, Patch. In His Many Lives, Wolverine Has Known Great Pain - But Never Did He Suffer More Than At The Hands Of The Devil Himself In The Depths Of Hell. Now, He Takes On The Cult That Sent Him There To Burn: The Right Red Hand. And In Doing So, Wolverine Will Experience A New Kind Of Agony. Witness The Bloody Carnage As The Feral X-Man Dishes Out Vengeance In A Gauntlet Of Hand-To-Hand Battles With The Right Red Hand's Lethal Enforcers, The Mongrels. And Unravel The Conspiracy That Will Change His Life Forever As He Fights To Uncover The Mysteries Behind The Red Right Hand And Its Ages-Old Plan To Defile His Soul. Collecting Wolverine (2010) #10-16.
168 Pgs./Parental Advisory ...$16.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5280-4

Punishermax: Frank Tpb
Written By Jason Aaron
Penciled By Steve Dillon
Cover By Dave Johnson
For The First Time In His Long And Bloody Career, Frank Castle May Be Beaten. After Facing The Kingpin's Hired Gun Bullseye, The Punisher Has Suffered More Than Just Broken Bones: Bullseye's Attack On His Psyche May Have Hurt Him The Most. Frank Is Questioning His Mission, And That Doubt Has Crippled Him. Locked Away In Prison, Frank Can Do Nothing But Stew In His Own Thoughts Of Failure. Word Has Spread Of The Punisher's Incarceration, And Whole Cellblocks Are Polishing Their Shivs To Greet Him. As His Enemies Draw Near, Frank Has Two Choices: He Can Fight Until He Drops, Or He Can Lie Down And Die. Does This Old Soldier Have One Last Battle In Him? Collecting Punishermax (2010) #12-16.
112 Pgs./Explicit Content ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5209-5

X-Factor Vol. 13:
Hard Labor Tpb

Written By Peter David
Penciled By Paul Davidson, Dennis Calero, Emanuela Lupacchino
Cover By David Yardin
Forgive Me, Father - For I Have Killed! Rahne Sinclair Has A Baby On The Way - But Instead Of A Calm And Peaceful Birth, There's A Hard Labor Coming. Haunted By Her Actions As A Member Of Wolverine's X-Force, Rahne Returned To X-Factor In Search Of Peace, Friendship And Spiritual Convalescence. Instead, She Finds Powerful Forces Determined To Steal Her Unborn Child. Their First Gambit Is To Separate Her From Her Friends; Their Second Is Too Horrible To Contemplate. With Rahne Alone And On The Run, And X-Factor Desperately Trying To Find Her, A Pair Of Mysterious Wolfenkind Emerge From The Shadows - But Do Feral And The Werewolf By Night Want To Help Her, Or Are They Part Of The Pack Seeking To Do Her Harm? Collecting X-Factor (1986) #220-224.
112 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$15.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5286-6

X-Men Legacy: Lost Legions Tpb
Written By Mike Carey
Penciled By Khoi Pham & Steven Kurth
Cover By Miko Suayan
Almost From The Moment He Became Spider-Man, Professor X's Son, Legion, Is One Of The Most Powerful Mutants On The Planet. He Also Suffers From A Crippling Mental Disorder, Leaving His Psyche Splintered In Thousands Of Distinct Personalities. Six Of Legion's Most Dangerous Personalities - Each With Its Own Unique Abilities - Have Gone Rogue, Manifesting Themselves In The Real World. To Track Them Down, Professor X Has Gathered A Team That Includes Rogue, Gambit, Frenzy And Magneto. But Can Even The Most Powerful And Experienced X-Men Save Legion From Himself? Collecting X-Men Legacy #250-253.
112 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$16.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5292-7

Incredible Hulk:
Pardoned Tpb

Written By Bill Mantlo
Penciled By Sal Buscema
& Mark Gruenwald
Cover By Ed Hannigan
One Of The Most Unique Chapters In The Life Of Marvel's Mightiest Mortal! The Hulk Battles The "Hulk Hunters" And The Galaxy Master, Embarking On An Adventure In Space That Partners Him With Rocket Raccoon And Introduces Him To A New Alien Love Interest! Rick Jones' Guilt-Ridden Attempt To Become Another Hulk Backfires Badly! Bruce Banner Gains Control Of The Hulk's Brain, But Finds He Must Tap Into His Alter Ego's Savagery To Stay Alive When His Enemies Attack! Jade Jaws Saddles Up With His Old Team, The Avengers, To Fight The Leader! And The Hulk Is Granted Amnesty, Finally Lauded The World Over As A Hero! Collecting Incredible Hulk (1968) #269-285.
400 Pgs./Rated T ...$39.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6208-7

Darkhawk Classic
Vol. 1 Tpb

Written By Danny Fingeroth
Penciled By Mike Manley
Cover By Mike Manley
Begin The Saga Of The Darkhawk! Long Before War Of Kings, Teenager Chris Powell Began His Journey As A Dark Force For Justice. Thrill To The Earliest Adventures Of One Of Marvel's Hottest Heroes For The '90S As The Newborn Darkhawk Unravels The Mystery Of His Armored Avenging Alter Ego, And Encounters Some Of The Marvel Universe's Finest Heroes And Villains Along The Way. From Alliances With Spider-Man, Captain America And Daredevil To All-Out Brawls With The Hobgoblin, Portal And The U-Foes, Darkhawk Soars To Unparalleled Heights! Collecting Darkhawk #1-9.
216 Pgs./Rated T ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5987-2

X-Men: The Hidden Years Vol. 1 Tpb
Written By John Byrne
Penciled By John Byrne
Cover By John Byrne
The First Twelve Issues Of John Byrne's Fan-Favorite X-Project Are Collected For The First Time In One Titanic Tome! This Fan-Favorite Series Chronicles The Adventures Of Marvel's Original Team Of Merry Mutants After Their Silver Age Saga Had Run Its Course And Before The Launch Of The All-New, All-Different X-Men. Thrill To Their Explosive X-Ploits In The Savage Land, As Well As Guest Appearances By Ka-Zar, Magneto, Sauron, The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants And Namor! Collecting X-Men: The Hidden Years #1-12 And Material From X-Men (1991) #94.
328 Pgs./Rated T ...$34.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-5969-8

Spider-Man: The Complete
Ben Reilly Epic Book 4 Tpb

Written By Tom Defalco, Karl Kesel, Dan Jurgens, Todd Dezago, Howard Mackie, J.M. Dematteis & Evan Skolnick
Penciled By Mark Bagley, Rick Leonardi, Cary Nord, Dan Jurgens, Sal Buscema, John Romita Jr., Mike Zeck, Bob Mcleod, Steven Butler, Steve Geiger & Paris Karounos
Cover By Dan Jurgens
Just As Ben Reilly Settles Into His New Life As The Amazing Spider-Man, A Shadow From The Past Casts Doubt Upon His Identity. Is He Or Is He Not The Real Deal? As Ben Attempts To Discover The Ultimate Truth Surrounding This Mystery, Peter Parker Continues To Adapt To A Life Without Powers. It's The Continuing Saga Of Not One But Two Spider-Men! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #411-413, Daredevil (1964) #354, Sensational Spider-Man (1996) #4-6, Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #234, Spider-Man (1990) #68-70, Spider-Man: Redemption #1-4, Spider-Man Team-Up #3 And Spider-Man Unlimited (1993) #12.
464 Pgs./Rated T ...$39.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6131-8

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga
Tpb (New Printing)

Written By Chris Claremont & Jo Duffy
Penciled By John Byrne, Mike Collins, John Buscema & Jerry Bingham
Cover By John Byrne
An Epic Tale Of Triumph And Tragedy! When The Dark Phoenix Rises, Suns Grow Cold And Universes Die! The X-Men Embark On An Adventure That Will Span The Cosmos As One Of Their Own, Jean Grey, Has Unwittingly Attained Power Beyond Conception - And Been Corrupted, Absolutely. The X-Men Must Decide: Is The Life Of The Woman They Cherish Worth The Existence Of An Entire Universe? This Touching Tale Of Ultimate Power And The Triumph Of The Human Spirit Has Been A Cornerstone Of The X-Men Mythos For More Than Three Decades. Now, Relive The Dark Phoenix Saga With This Deluxe Collection, Bursting At The Seams With Extra Stories That Illuminate New And Different Facets Of The World Of The Phoenix! Collecting X-Men (1963) #129-138, Phoenix: The Untold Story; And Material From Classic X-Men #43, Bizarre Adventures #27 And What If? (1977) #27.
200 Pgs./Rated T+ ...$24.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6421-0

Essential Daredevil Vol. 1 Tpb (All-New Edition)
Collecting Daredevil (1964) #1-25.
544 Pgs./All Ages ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6420-3

Essential Hulk Vol. 4 Tpb
(All-New Edition)
Collecting Incredible Hulk (1968) #143-170.
608 Pgs./All Ages ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6422-7

Essential Avengers Vol. 8 Tpb
Written By Jim Shooter, Marv Wolfman, George Perez, David Michelinie, Bill Mantlo, Steve Gerber, Tom Defalco, Jim Starlin & Roger Slifer
Penciled By John Byrne, George Perez, Sal Buscema, David Wenzel, Carmine Infantino, Jim Mooney & Jim Starlin
Cover By George Pérez
The Space-Opera Era Of The Avengers Hits Its Stride In The Stories Presented Within This Collection Of Cosmic Chronicles! Among The Highlights Of This Tantalizing Tome: Nothing Less Than The Fate Of Every Living Thing Is At Stake When Thanos, The Nastiest Nihilist This Side Of The Nearest Nebula, Wages Interstellar War Against The Mighty Avengers And Their Allies Captain Marvel, Warlock And A Host Of Other Galactic Gladiators! Featuring Korvac, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Absorbing Man, The Squadron Sinister And More! Collecting Avengers (1963) #164-184 And Annual #7-8, And Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2.
488 Pgs./Rated T ...$19.99
Isbn: 978-0-7851-6322-0