Last week Marvel teased its lineup of Marvel NOW! titles and teams, and has spent the past few days fleshing out the details behind the forthcoming relaunches. Quite a few of the teams are really exciting -- Matt Fraction on Fantastic Four is bound to be interesting, as will Mark Waid's Hulk. But with the exception of the announcement that comedian Brian Posehn will be co-writing Deadpool, not a ton of the reveals have been enormous shockers.

This got me wondering: What if Marvel had complete carte blanche to put any team -- not just its current stable of talent -- on any title? Celebrities, people who have vowed to never work for Marvel again, whomever. Surely, there has to be an alternate reality where that's happening. In a spirit of curiosity I'm sure Reed Richards would approve of, I've imagined this hypothetical universe and returned with its teasers. Also, for purely legal purposes, in this imaginary realm Marvel called the whole thing Marvel WOW! Hit the jump to see them all.

I certainly have my guesses as to who the characters and teams on these books are, but rather than say what I think and look foolish, I'll leave it up to you, the discerning reader, to figure out what these alternate-reality teasers are all about.

In regards to that last one: You're welcome, Chris.